ATRiuM students rate the University of Glamorgan as good despite knowing little about the National Student Survey

The National Student Survey has been launched at the University of Glamorgan on the 30 January but some third year students were not aware that they have time to undergo the survey until April. However, students were satisfied by the standard of education at the ATRiuM and university life. The launch of the survey also gave staff at the ATRiuM the opportunity to let students know how the results wil be processed and how the data will improve the university’s services.

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The University of Glamorgan plans student exchange programs with China

Despite maintaining an academic relationship with universities from China, the University of Glamorgan is only now looking at the posibility to exploit the student exchange potential of China. Guests present at the Wales-China forum are looking into the possibility of a future exchange program involving Chinese universities. It is worth noting that last year the University of Glamorgan attracted a number of 521 Chinese students.

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Swipe cards not the only security measure implemented at the ATRiuM

The University of Glamorgan also adopted a policy which will determine students to pay hefty charges if they are found liable for loss, damage or theft of loaned equipment. This comes as an attempt to prevent thefts and reduce the amounts of money spent by the university for maintaining different pieces of equipment.

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The ATRiuM hosted the third Wales-China international forum

Academics from around the world met in the ATRiuM’s Zen Room to explore the research behind the first book on Chinese creative industries ever written in English. The symposium explored areas including broadcast, audio visual and press as scholars from China, England, Australia and Wales met and discussed about China’s creative potential.

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New ATRiuM swipe card policy triggered mixed reactions from students and staff

As a result of an increasing number of thefts of media equipment at the ATRiuM campus, the University of Glamorgan decided to implement a new security measure that implies that staff and students alike have to use swipe cards in order to be granted access into the building. The decision started a lot of controversy around the topic, with students and staff having different views on the success and efficiency of the measure.

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Liveblog: What’s Next? Social Media Event

The University of Glamorgan’s ATRiuM building hosted an all-day-long social media event unde the name of ‘What’s Next?’. The event was split into 10 different seminars on topics like Facebook, Twitter for growth, LinkedIn, Mobile Apps, Google+ and social media and the law. Participants were able to choose and attend any three of the available 10 seminars. The event was a landmark of the year 2012 in social media, when new platforms will emerge and will expand the scope for business.

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Cardiff pays homage to Roald Amundsen

  1. The “Cold Recall: Reflections of a polar explorer” exhibition gives an insight on the Norwegian explorer’s journey to the South Pole. The exhibition is on display from the 28th of November and was secured as a load from the Fram Museum in Oslo.
  2. The exhibition is hosted by the Dahl Gallery within the Norwegian Church Arts Centre in Cardiff Bay.
  3. The main goal of the exhibition is to show visitors an insight on Roald Amundsen’s journey to the South Pole. Lantern slides illustrate the challenges and the daily life of the 20th century’s arctic explorers. Amundsen used the coloured slides during his lecture about his life and how he reached the South Pole, held at Park Hall in Cardiff.
  4. The bits of text and images displayed in the Dahl Gallery represent only one third of the original exhibition containing 64 panels. The 20 selected panels tell the story of Roald Amundsen himself, how he gained experience and how he worked with the inuits.

  5. The panels are divided in sections and each section illustrates one aspect of Amundsen’s life as an explorer. They explain why he wanted to put the expedition together, how the crew was selected, the journey to the South Pole and their arrival at the destination.
  6. Tony Burnell is the Norwegian Church Officer for the Arts Centre. According to him, the final section is the most interesting in the exhibition. The section is made up from four panels show the feelings of the pioneers on the evening before reaching the final destination.
  7. “The final section which has four panels which I find the most touching really. It explains how they felt on the evening of December 13th knowing that the following morning they would arrive at the South Pole,” the Arts Centre representative said.
  8. “It even includes a copy of a letter sent to the King of Norway on December 15th informing that they had arrived at the South Pole and the Norwegian flag was placed,” Burnell added.
  9. Since opening, the exhibition attracted a great number of visitors, with 200 people being present on the opening day alone. The inauguration day coincided with Christmas tree lights ceremony held at church.
  10. “This year the special point is the fact that the tree has been dedicated to the students who were killed in the shootings and attacks in Oslo in July this year,” Tony Burnell said. 
  11. “We had lots of really good reports, lots of interest and it’s a fascinating, really interesting exhibition going on display here until the 18th of December.”
  12. The exhibition will then be collected on the 20th of December by Swansea Museum and placed on display in January.
  13. The exhibition is open every day of the week from 9 AM to 6 PM. Visitors coming to see the exhibition can do so free of charge.
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