Despre mine

I am training to become a journalist.

My first glimpse of journalism dates back to high-school. That was the moment I became interested in articles, magazines and almost any piece of writing that required creativity.

Always keen on knowing everything about what is happening around me, I started making an image of what journalism is. The idea of being able to deliver a concept or a thought, whether it’s simple or complex, throughout a wide audience gave me a feeling of power.

Soon after, I was beginning to understand how crucial is not only properly delivering a message but also making that message clear and concise. I could draw a parallel between journalism and translation as both disciplines have the same basic purpose: delivering information.

In 2006, I started studying English and French in the Applied Modern Languages section at Transilvania University of Braşov in order to become a translator. While being there, I was able to broaden my horizon both culturally and linguistically. A lot of the study was being carried out on pieces of writing covering various styles and domains.

My love for writing and journalism brought me in the UK for at least one year. I am currently studying Journalism (International) as a postgraduate student at University of Glamorgan in Cardiff. I have high hopes that after this experience I would have my talent nurtured and the skills required to step up in the industry.


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