Wales Millennium Centre brings Christmas taste to Cardiff

  1. The event was the first Christmas Market to be launched by the Wales Millennium Centre this year. It brought together food and drink producers from all the corners of Wales. Craft makers also had the opportunity to show their creative skills within open workshop demonstrations.
  2. The event started on Saturday the 26th of November and continued on the 27th of November and the weekend after on the 3rd and the 4th of December. Interest in the Christmas Market was high, as people came in numbers, bringing their families along.
  3. Visitors could choose from a variety of stall holders participating in the event. They had the opportunity of leaving with a special gift including jewellery and stained glass craft. Additionally, people could taste different types of cheese and wines brought by award-winning producers.
  4. Lewis Phillips is the Sales Manager of Clam’s Handmade Cakes. He said it was at the market for the first time but will probably come back in the future years.

  5. “Today’s been excellent, really good sales, lots of people visiting shows are also spending on Christmas products. As you can see, we’ve nearly sold out, it’s been very good,” Phillips said.
  6. The Angorfa area proved to be popular among families with children. Children aged under 10 had the chance to meet Father Christmas and get a gift.
  7. Martin Worboys from London was visiting Cardiff and brought his family to the “Taste of Christmas” event. He enjoyed the event and said he would definitely be back next year.

  8. “I am with my family, my wife, my daughter and the grandparents. There’s lots of nice things, talented people, very christmassy, liked it,” the 40 year-old said.
  9. The event ended on Sunday the 4th of December night with a series of traditional Christmas songs performed by professional classical singers. People gathered to listen bands like Barry Ladies Choir after serving a three-course dinner.
  10. Taste of Christmas Carols – Wales Millennium Centre
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